Friday, October 19, 2012

Sword of Altair: Complete

I feel as if I should have some big awesome reveal for this thing now that it's finished... but I don't. The pictures I have aren't even that good. That being said, I'm still super excited about it!

My last update finished with me painting it silver. Since then I painted in the detail on the handle and I added the leather grip.

For the detail I just watered down some black latex craft paint, painted it on, let it dry just a little bit... and then wiped it off. I had to do several coats but I think it turned out really well.

Because the shape of my grip is not uniform it was a little hard to cut the leather to match the pommel. I started by wrapping paper around it and making a template but I still ended up tweaking it quite a bit after I cut it out. I ended up gluing half of the grip on just so it would hold tight while I made my adjustments.

After I had it how I wanted it I glued the rest and put a bunch of rubber bands on to hold it tight.

Now it's done!

I want to get some really good pictures of it so when I do I'll probably add those in here. Also, the handle does look a little plain to me so I might be tweaking it or adding something to it. I'm not sure, but whatever happens later happens later. Right now I'm counting this done.

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