Friday, September 28, 2012

Primed (WIP Part 7)

I went to Home Depot the other day to look at paint. I ended up grabbing a can of Rustoleum Paint & Primer in "metallic dark steel". When I got back I started looking at the paint and decided that I really don't like the metallic fleck in the paint. I've never seen a sword blade with metallic fleck in it so considering I'm trying to make this look realistic I don't think I really want it on mine. In the meantime, and at the suggestion of my wife, I checked the basement and found a can of Rustoleum primer and a can of Rustoleum clear coat sealer! Yay! So now I have the sword primed and I just have to find some time to get back to Home Depot to exchange the paint I got for some other color. And since I found the primer and I don't want the metallic fleck it should be less expensive than the paint I originally got, so that's cool.

The primer that I found is some sort of maroon-ish color. It might make the end result appear darker, but I think it will still work. It better work. I guess I could have tested it on another piece of wood but I got excited.

So just a reminder of where I stand  on all of the items on the "To-Do List":
1. Thin out the blade and do basic shaping.
2. Add detail (carve the crossguard and pommel detail, and minor blade details).
3. Finish detail on blade and draw-file the bevelled edge.
4. Sand
5. Attach all three parts using the threaded rod and some adhesive.
6. Paint and Seal
7. Attach leather grip.


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