Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just So You Know...

I feel like I'm having trouble keeping up with the blog recently. We're entering our busy season at work so I don't really have as much time to post. Not only that but our warehouse person is going to be out for surgery soon, so my work load will probably increase for a time. This is not to say that I won't be blogging, but more to explain that if the quality or frequency of my posts seems to be dropping, there's a reason.

I'm still working on my sword. I will be posting more pictures of the desk we painted. I will be revamping the look of the blog slightly. It will probably take longer than I have previously said that it would. I will be posting new projects and hopefully sharing more of what's going on with my little family and what we do to keep ourselves busy. I will continue to post every week, though maybe only once a week until things slow down.

Hopefully this will not go on for long. I will be back to a more energetic posting schedule, but bear with me until I can get there. Thanks for hanging in with me.

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