Friday, September 7, 2012

It Looks Like a Sword! (WIP Part 4)

After my recent progress I am so psyched about this sword! I went to town on the "blade" with my planer and my borrowed electric sander. After what seemed like very little progress with it the previously I was surprised at how quickly I was able to thin it down.

Here you can actually see the grade that I've put on the wood. This was when I had only done one side. That part on the base I've left thick for some detail work.

Here I've started to define another section that will be detailed later.

Had to put that all important stabby bit on the end.

Drew the detail back on so I would have something to go by.

Cut out the tab that will insert into the crossguard.

Filing down the excess wood around the detail.

Filed down the inside of that triangle bit (one side at least).

And because I'm super excited about yesterday and today's progress I put it together (it's not actually attached). You can see how the detail on the blade lines up with the detail on the crossguard.

Updated To-Do List:
1. Finish detail on blade and draw-file the bevelled edge. (shouldn't take that long)
2. Carve detail into crossguard and pommel. (could go quickly, but will probably have to go slow so I don't mess up)
3. Fasten everything together.
4. Paint.
5. Attach leather grip.

It's pretty much the same list as before, but this time the hardest part of step one is over. I'm hoping to be done the actual construction part by next Friday. I have until then to figure out the paint I need to get and to see if I have the leather I need or if I need to go get some. My hope is to be completely done by the 21st (crosses fingers).

I'm so excited!

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