Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! (Now With Pictures!)

I will participating in this.

I will post pictures later.


Success! We walked away with three dozen doughnuts. More than we needed but that's how many they handed us so we didn't question. Two of them were for us, and one of them was for my wife's brother who came with us. I brought a dozen in to work today to try to get rid of some of them... though I think I've eaten more than anyone else.

Sorry for the cellphone pictures.

The Intrepid Adventurers

The Loot

The First Mate and The Wench

The Captain and The Cabin Boy
 I get to be the captain because I had the captain hat, and because I drove.

Also, don't tell my wife I called her the wench. Sshh


  1. Is that a letter opener I see before me? :D

    1. Oh yes, real pirates eat their doughnuts with brass cutlass letter openers.