Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random Acts of Craftiness: Knob Block Knick Knack Thingy

This month I decided to participate in a craft challenge put on by Erin at His & Hers.


She's doing a different craft challenge each month. Last month's challenge was to make something using game pieces, but unfortunately I ended up being too busy to participate. This month's challenge is Odds and Ends from the Hardware Store! (Click here to see October's entries)

I can't think of a more perfect challenge for me. It requires me to wander around in a hardware store, which I love to do, until inspiration hits me. I settled on the knob section as my area of inspiration. At the Home Depot near my work they have at least 12-16 feet of aisle devoted to drawer knobs. After I had picked up some knobs I liked I got together some other supplies.

This is what I came up with.

In the end my parts and supplies list consisted of:
-4 miscellaneous drawer knobs
-A length of 2x2
-Black and White spray paint
-Wood glue
-Hemp twine

My tools were a dremel and a handsaw.

Step 1

Cut various lengths from the 2x2. I just kind of free handed this one. I wanted a somewhat random look.

Step 2

Drill holes for the knobs. I tried to get them in the center, but once again I just free handed it.

Step 3

Glue them together. Make sure the bottom sits flat.

Step 4

Paint. I just used masking tape to block off different sections.

Step 5

Put the screws into the knobs and cut the heads off. I also used a wooden knob which I had to paint. The screw on that one is difficult to work with so I'm just gluing that one on.

Step 6

Screw heads into the pre-drilled holes.

Step 7

Tie your bow. I might change this to a purple ribbon later. I suppose as long as I don't glue it in place I can change it as often as I want. Other materials you could use are ribbon, strips of fabric or burlap, lace, etc.

Well there you have it. My random knob block knick-knack thingy for the October Random Acts of Craftiness Challenge.

Thanks to Erin of His & Hers for the challenge.


  1. What a creative idea! I think it looks great. Megan

  2. Those 12-16 feet of knobs might be THE best part of the hardware store. :)

    Glad you could participate this month!

    1. I'm pretty sure that's been my opinion since I was a kid. It's even better when the knobs actually open little display doors and things.

      Thanks for the challenge, I had fun.

  3. Cute idea!!! I love looking at all the handles and kitchen knobs. I'm also strange. ;)

    Stopping over from Random Acts of Craftiness.

    1. Thanks, I think these challenges are pretty perfect for people who are a little strange. I like that your craft was actually useful.

  4. Kinda reminds me of an old-fashioned hat display in a millinery window.

    Collecting knobs could be a nice hobby. Unfortunately I like "collecting" from Re$toration instead of Lowes or HomeDepot... Budget Bu$ter$!

    1. Haha I should get some tiny hats for it! I suppose it could be used to hold small things like necklaces.

      Do you mean Restoration Hardware? I love that store but it's so expensive. They also have really cool knobs at Anthropology and Pottery Barn. Or do you mean actually restoration like finding old things and restoring them? Because that's pretty exciting too.