Monday, July 16, 2012

Yard Sale!

We had a yard sale this past week! Alas, I didn't take any pictures. It was a fun time though. We decided to have it at my parent's house since they're in an area that sees much more traffic and is more central for yard sale goers. We started hauling things over on Wednesday and finished Saturday morning. We've acquired a lot of stuff over the years, especially the last few. We had so much stuff that we kept forgetting to bring things out. After the yard sale we opened my wife's trunk and realized we hadn't even unloaded it from the last trip. Not only did we have a lot of our stuff but we had a lot of stuff from my wife's family's basement. Since we're cleaning it out in preparation of finishing it we've been going through a lot of stuff down there and getting rid of stuff they don't want anymore.

We almost got rained out early on, but thankfully it held off until about 11:30... at which point it poured. We had to run around in the rain grabbing everything and putting it on the porch. After the downpour stopped we got together everything we didn't still feel like trying to sell and took it to the Goodwill. It filled the back of my dad's Cherokee and completely filled my wife's car.

I'm pretty sure weird encounter stories are a prerequisite for yard sales and ours was no different. We had one lady who showed up completely stoned. She was touching and feeling things and talking about how great they felt. She was having trouble forming sentences. In the end I tossed something in for free because she seemed to enjoy how it felt sooooo much.

I also had a guy look around and ask us if we had a wolf. Apparently he had gone to a yard sale last year where the owner had a wolf as a pet, and the house and yard were so similar to my parent's that it made him question his memory of where that house had been.

Aaaand then there were the hagglers. There were these two African women who were not only haggling for everything they bought, but also trying to get us to throw stuff in for free.

Despite the rain and the vast quantity of things we had left over, we still turned a decent profit, and best of all, got rid of tons of stuff. Seriously, I feel like our lives have been more enriched from the offloading of things we didn't need than from the slight increase of money. Not only that but the basement looks so much better now. It actually looks like there's hope of getting it cleaned up and finished now. YAY!

What did you guys do with your weekend? Do you have any fun yard sale stories?

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