Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Old Finds

I skipped Monday's post. I don't know why I skipped it. I had a great weekend. I think I was just feeling lackadaisical that day.

We spent a lot of Saturday going to antique/consignment/junk shops. It was a lot of fun. There's this nice corridor of them on Lakeside. One of the ones we went into had a small collection of vintage shaving brushes for pretty cheap. Since I have a beard I don't actually do a lot of "shaving" per se. I've been reading about facial hair care though, and how modern men do it very wrong. It turns out that all of the various equipment men used back in the day was because it's actually good to treat your face nicely, not just because they hadn't figured out how to put eighteen blades on the same razor and create a can full of expanding foam for your face. Apparently the shaving brush helps condition your face for shaving. It helps loosen and soften your hairs so they don't fight against the razor as much. Either way, I picked up a brass handled shaving brush for $4 and was pretty happy with that. Now I just have to get some shaving soap, a safety razor, a pair of suspenders, a Model T Ford, some driving gloves, etc. Who says time travel is impossible?

This isn't mine but it looks just like it.

We also found this awesome vintage metal pedal tractor that Meredith's dad insisted on buying for our son. Yes! It's seriously cool. I'll have to get some pictures but right now it's hidden waiting for her dad to get back into town. Since he bought it we wanted him to be part of the unveiling. I can't wait. Now I want to find one of the trailers for it.

I started on the leather vambrace that I was talking about last week. I got the design laid out with my swivel blade, but I started to stamp it and it just wasn't going well so I'm going to find some videos and figure out what I'm doing wrong. Once I figure it out I'll write about the whole process. In the meantime I started working on another wooden sword. This one's a little more complex than the last one. I have a fascination with the game Assassin's Creed. I love the game, but I also really love the artwork and the design so I'm going to try my hand at one of the swords. I won't have it finished by Friday, but I'll give a WIP update anyway.

Do you like antique shops or have a fascination for old tech that's resurfacing? Do you have any projects you're having trouble finishing?

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