Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday!

I found a link that I thought I would share with anyone who enjoyed my post about fixing my belt. If you didn't enjoy my post I'll still share it with you. A guy over at Primer shared a post about how to easily and cheaply make your own high quality belt as well as some pointers on how to know if the belt you're looking at buying is top quality or not.

In other news I had a great weekend with my little family. We went to more junk shops (starting to see a trend here). We've started to look around for things that catch our eye for Christmas presents. We have a lot of family so an early start is needed. We didn't find anything that screamed any one's name in particular, but we've got time. I had been craving a really good cheeseburger since Friday and that craving was met at the Silver Diner when we went to dinner with my family. They have delicious burgers and I got a nice juicy one with Pepper Jack cheese and onion rings. So yummy.

On Sunday we went to church which was something we hadn't done in a while. The boy enjoyed running around with all of the other little boys. We should probably take him out more...

Last night I decided that we needed baked apples! I have no idea why. So I cored some apples while my wife mixed up some brown sugar, cinnamon, chopped almonds, and craisins. We filled the apples and baked them in a pan. We didn't have any ice cream to go with them so we threw some vanilla almond milk into the ice cream maker to see what would happen. It tasted pretty good but it melted really quickly. Overall it was a very satisfying dessert. We also got The Hunger Games and watched that. I actually really enjoyed it.

Happy first day of the week!

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