Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I find myself foiled at every turn trying to create a header for my blog. I know basically what I want but the only thing I have readily available to do it with is MS Paint. And that is really not acceptable. I have Photoshop... on my external hard drive... in the basement. I don't know if I feel like reinstalling that, or if I should take my laptop somewhere with an internet connection and download one of the similar, but free, programs.

Darn first world problems.

Well, I will have this done soon. And the sword. I'll have that done soon as well. One of my least favorite things is projects that drag on. I so much prefer small projects that I can just crank out. Part of my brain keeps telling me that if I take on some small project that will be easy to finish then I'll feel much better and I can get back to the sword. The other part of my brain knows that's just an excuse to sweep it under the rug. So I push on! I am not going to add another project to my half done project pile. It's already full enough.

Well, that's it for Wednesday. Haha I guess it's a fitting post to the middle of the week.

Any suggestions for what's the best free Photoshop-like software out there?

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