Friday, January 25, 2013

Leather Top Hat: Stage 3

Alright, this is the stage where it actually looks like something resembling a hat. Well, I guess it looked like a hat last time, but it looked like an inside out hat that wasn't actually attached together. So now that I've punched all 600 and some holes I can flip it inside out and sew it together.

Sewing the top on.

Outside view.

Halfway around.

Done! Goofy looking, but done.

Soaking to soften up so I can flip it right side out.
I undid the back seam stitching to make it easier to flip.

Flipped and drying.

Stitching the back up again.

Stitching the brim on. The crown goes in between the two brim pieces.
It's very important not to miss any holes.

The second pass around gives it a solid stitch line.


I actually have a couple more inches to stitch, but my thread ran short. So once I finish that I can wet-form the brim, glue it together (or vice verse, I haven't decided which order to go in yet), and stain it. Then I can add embellishments or call it done. I'm legitimately surprised at how quickly this has gone.