Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Aftermath

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I think I'm a little late on this, but the holidays are just totally throwing off my blogging schedule. I took my little family to celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents house. Everything was incredibly delicious. With two of my siblings married we now have three couples bringing extra food. My wife made Tiramisu and then roasted brussel sprouts, beets, parsnips, and sweet potatoes together. My sister and her husband brought a dish with brussel sprouts and bacon. And my brother and his wife brought pasta salad and butternut squash. They were all excellent additions to the usual fare. I tried not to over eat, but it was hard.

For Black Friday we went to Best Buy, Target, and Shoe Carnival. We went to 5 Below and JC Penney as well, but nothing happened there worth retelling. At Best Buy we picked up a few things. We got Season 2 of Fringe. I liked the show when it first came on but ended up missing enough of it that I just gave up watching it. I bought season 1 forever ago and hadn't ever gotten around to watching it until my wife suggested it not long ago. We both really enjoyed it so we figured we should take any opportunities to pick up other seasons on the cheap. $9.99 was definitely on the cheap. We got Season 5 of Big Bang Theory. Somehow we missed about half of that season while it was on TV. We made it through the first two discs by Saturday. We also grabbed Super 8 because we really enjoyed that movie and picked up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for $7.99. My wife has been pestering me to play it ever since. She even moved the X-box back into the bedroom so I wouldn't have any excuses. I keep telling her I have to finish Fable III first. Gosh. Hahaha I know, who's got two thumbs and is extremely lucky? This guy.

The wife got a sweet pair of Jedi boots at Shoe Carnival for $20. No, they're not actually Jedi boots, but they could be and for that I am jealous. Why aren't there cool boots available for guys?!

At Target I got two argyle sweaters. We might have gotten something else, but I don't remember because I'm psyched about my sweaters. They were half price. I got a green one and a grey one.

They look kind of like this but less grainy.
 We also finally activated our new phones that we've had for a week and part of me really hates talking on my iPhone while wearing an argyle sweater. The other part of me says, "Shut up, you look good."

Now that we've definitely entered into Christmas territory I'm looking forward to all of the Christmas present shopping and the general Christmas festivities. There's far too much to do to pack it all into one tiny month, but hopefully we can squeeze in all of the ice skating, cookie making, tacky lights touring, and etc.

Happy Holidays!

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